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  • No speeches. No posters. No messaging. Action. You too can be an engagement professional. You too can be a thought… https://t.co/sIMw6hEw4z
  • No one wants to die in hospital. And if you do then you need this amazing #bereavement team @LTHTrust on your side.… https://t.co/iLtNvS5xNs
  • Find out what makes you great. Go and ask 10 people “What makes me shine?” I DARE YOU! #dailytilla
  • https://t.co/3BDiaA1zPg
  • Screens not screws!
  • I know a nurse who took a commode and screws to an MDT meeting and asked everyone to use it. After horror & refusal… https://t.co/YUvEmrcG2m
  • #Band6development - I take a step back and evaluate situations and behaviour more before challenging/tackling. I fe… https://t.co/MxHAKJYzh9
  • RT @NusratkRD: Interested in a career in dietetics? Struggling to visit a department, then come to the open day on 27th Nov from 2pm-5pm @l…
  • Returning to work #afterabsence can undermine #confidence. Tip – ask for the support to get past stuck… https://t.co/sbDdzQqxLw
  • Stop worrying what other people think. Give yourself permission to make decisions based on values and gut instinct. #dailytilla
  • #Ambulance crews are no longer just fast drivers with some first aid kit. They are highly trained, multi skilled me… https://t.co/oyvRm4taen
  • If you want to see the full range of #NHS roles on show you could do worse than become a fan of @LTHTrust team of t… https://t.co/0kEOVwy5HG
  • https://t.co/dkHfmXgZBt
  • https://t.co/8ctsnOleLt
  • I appear to be doing very well with the"take more breaks bit" today. Not sure about the rest . . . https://t.co/m1KTbj11iR
  • @DrAiLynTan @wef @nber It's true for me. I reach 60 next year and am deeply content with my life. And so much more to come!
  • We forget how amazing the power of the human imagination is. So much more effective than letting that imagination r… https://t.co/RWBP0Tv37L
  • Great work - making a real difference - is about being here, in the moment, right now. #dailytilla
  • I have always loved this image. Reminder to go see, ask why and show respect. @kpoleeds https://t.co/C14q69WDYJ
  • @NHS @ypsomed Hugely impressive on many levels - good technical practice, safety awareness, clarity and great demo… https://t.co/bpOJL1QrIU
  • Dread giving feedback? No more! Focus on the task and not the person for better outcomes. https://t.co/hDcK2yEhJV https://t.co/ovsUARxXDp
  • RT @JethwaPreeti: Do you have children aged between 4-11 years old? Can you spare 5 minutes & help @sophshannah to understand the relations…
  • @juliettecosgrov And the answer is?
  • #Band6development – Working on patient safety, getting involved in quality improvement and saving money for the dep… https://t.co/aTg0zEDyxr
  • RT @RebeccaLomas: After a 19 day stay in hospital, we are both finally home! All I can say is god bless the NHS for potentially saving me a…