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  • @cpettifer We need some of those for the office 👍
  • @billjames Clearly you are in good shape at the moment then @Billjames!
  • @4thcatproblems Clearly then you have issues created by blood in the alcohol stream 😉
  • Do you know what your #bodyfat percentage is? Could you be classified as an #athlete or would…
  • Privileged to be asked to talk (about myself!!!! 🙄) at the #Midlands #VTTA (veterans #cycling…
  • @elvis7a @roadphil @nicnok Thanks Wayne, @nicnok feel free to drop me a PM and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for 😀
  • Midlands #VTTA awards lunch today.... I hope they like my shirt.... it might distract them from my talk 😳
  • @NapD Looking forward to the half next weekend????
  • Great work @VerityApple always nice to see a Sportstest #coached athlete on the podium at National champs 🥈
  • Awesome #results @karenpoole44! That #cyclocross is one tough form of #bike #racing, and really solid #performance…
  • Still a long way to go, but that’s ok #progress for just 2 weeks! . I love @parkrunuk as it…
  • Go #girls.... @karenpoole44 @VerityApple @Queenofthecols all in action at the National #cyclocross champs this morn…
  • Thursday night #WBR on @gozwift ....only another 100km to go 🙄🙄😳😳 @ Farmer Parmers
  • @karenpoole44 @Queenofthecols Could well be 🤞
  • If you are ever feeling down about the way your #training is going, check out @4thcatproblems not only will it brin…
  • Great to be working with @Queenofthecols again! Looking forward to seeing how a focused #training plan helps…
  • We are looking forward to see @JRebours go even FASTER in 2018!!!!
  • @tara_papworth Keep busy, or I’ll swap you 😀
  • RT @hydro390: Getting a sweat on with @Sportstest #fitnesstesting
  • @gobi_one @JERairport @WHSmith I was stuck at customs at the car tunnel thingy last week for over 2 hours!!!!
  • #rant of the day.... how is it plausible to charge over inflated prices for soft drinks and snacks in #airport wait…
  • Fantastic result Karen, all that hard work is paying off!!!!
  • Another hugely successful weekend #fitness testing & #coaching in #Jersey 🇯🇪 Great improvements for all #cyclists t…
  • Not a bad day in the #paincave! . Hard work and quality #coaching paying off for @jrebours en…
  • Back in #Jersey 🇯🇪 and testing from FX #Fitness this weekend. . Great to see Jersey…