DanceFit provides dance and fitness sessions for children, young people and adults through the medium of Welsh and English. These include after school clubs, open community classes and school holiday courses.

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  • RT @tredegarvillecw: @tredegarvillecw really enjoyed their first @DanceFitCardiff session. Thank you Maddie. 😀😀👍
  • Our classes at @tredegarvillecw start back today! We cannot wait to start working towards the @Cardiff_Games.
  • Mae ein gwersi yn @tredegarvillecw yn dechrau nol heddiw! Methu aros i ddechrau weithio ar @Cardiff_Games.
  • Join us for our tumbling classes on Wednesdays at @BroEdern. Contact us now to secure your space: info@dancefit-car…
  • Ymunwch a ni am ein gwersi tymblo ar Nos Fercher yn @BroEdern. Cysylltwch â ni i sicrhau lle: info@dancefit-cardiff…
  • Our dance class at Trowbridge Community Centre starts back this week from 5-6pm! Only £2 per session - ages 4-10 @SportCardiff_E
  • Mae ein gwersi dawns yn Ganolfan Cymunedol Trowbridge yn dechrau nôl Dydd Gwener yma o 5-6yh! Dim ond £2 y sesiwn -…
  • Congratulations to our Mixed Team for making it through to the @thatsshowbizuk finals in Liverpool on the 3rd of Ma…
  • Llongyfarchiadau i'n Tîm Cymysg ni sydd wedi derbyn lle yn rownd derfynol @thatsshowbizuk yn Lerpwl ar y 3ydd o Fa…
  • RT @mycwales: Our dance session was so much fun yesterday! Want a space? Get in touch with us TODAY to avoid disappointment!🕺🏽💃🏽 @DanceFitC…
  • Mae ein clwb dawns ni yn @stteilos_PE nol ar ôl ysgol ar Ddydd Iau. Ymunwch a ni i ddechrau gweithio ar y @Cardiff_Games
  • Our dance club at @stteilos_PE is after school on Thursdays. Come and join us to start work for the @Cardiff_Games.
  • RT @mycwales: Our afterschool clubs today will be DanceFit & Gymnastics from 4-5pm for 4-6yrs and Gymnastics 5-6pm for 7-11yrs! @inspireche…
  • RT @Volleysar: @PlasAddGorff @DanceFitCardiff @YsgolPlasmawr Well done girls, an excellent performance; through to the Finals in Liverpool…
  • RT @PlasAddGorff: Congrats i ferched @YsgolPlasmawr sy’n rhan o @DanceFitCardiff. Mae’r grwp drwyddo i rownd derfynol ‘That’s Showbiz’ yn E…
  • RT @Volleysar: Tik Tok, Tik Tok @DanceFitCardiff @thatsshowbizuk
  • RT @LewJoseph: Would like to wish my favourite cousin Annie Davies the best of luck in her competition from Dubai @thatsshowbizuk @DanceFit…
  • RT @Jonrdando: @DanceFitCardiff go get em girls!!!
  • RT @yasminsial: @thatsshowbizuk Good luck to all at @DanceFitCardiff. Let’s show Blackpool some Welsh Talent.
  • RT @julabrookyville: C’mon @DanceFitCardiff @thatsshowbizuk you got this !!! #gogirls 💃💃
  • RT @NeatsJohn: @DanceFitCardiff Good luck in Blackpool today Tara and Annie!! From Sioned and Nia xxx @thatsshowbizuk
  • RT @NicolettaAllen: Good luck to all the girls @DanceFitCardiff in Blackpool today! @thatsshowbizuk you will smash it!💪🏾 Good luck to sis…
  • RT @AdamWilcox20: Good luck Tara and Annie in the semi finals today from Dad and Big Sis Eliza @thatsshowbizuk and @DanceFitCardiff
  • RT @SianHollins: @DanceFitCardiff Megan says "Good luck Annie and Tara at That's Showbiz semifinals!!"
  • RT @yasminsial: @thatsshowbizuk good luck to @DanceFitCardiff Shout to Christie and the girls.