Sling and carrier services across West Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Used by parents and carers of young children, expectant parents, parenting/health professionals and support workers. Book carrier rental services, one to one fittings, workshop spaces, or contact us for advice.

The West Yorkshire Sling Library is one of the biggest of its kind, run entirely by work at home parents and by volunteers giving their time to run free sessions. We have no outside funding and all of our prices and fees make the service possible.

All private sessions and workshops sessions are facilitated by Nicola Lawson who is trained and experienced with working with families and in giving carrying advice in special circumstances. All of our 121 sessions are based in a private home in Farsley, and all our venues are informal and child friendly. If you prefer an alternative venue or have specific access needs please get in touch before booking.

Carrying in Special Circumstances
Born To Carry
Volunteer sign ups
Introduction to Carrying - 2 Families
Introduction to Back Carrying
Introduction to Carrying
Carrier Recommend and Fit
Kirsty - Mobile Sling Appointments at home (Wakefield and Five Towns)


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