Adventures and discovery in the heart of an ancient woodland, bringing shining eyes to all the family. Children's parties, Forest Schools, unique weddings and special events.

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Fireflies 8 -14 years
Fire & Dine
Out in the Sticks
Tree Nippers (1-5yrs)


This Green Moon
Swillington Organic Farm
Coach Road
West Yorkshire
LS26 8QA

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  • @TnhpsFs making big steps towards creative, child led learning. Can anyone help?
  • This is happening ✋✋
  • @Black_Inc_ @stickeys1 I have a feeling we may have met in the waiting meadow yesterday ?
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: Want to see what you're missing? Take a look at Fire & Dine through the eyes of California foodie, @piquecooking: 🔥🍽️h…
  • RT @theoperacomic: Live Dates! 29/06 Manc, @thecastlehotel 01/07 @GrassingtonFest 05/07 London, @theoldbluelast 21/07 @Warehouse23wkfd…
  • Thanks to all our guests at last night's Fire & Dine. #foodporn #offgrid #ancient woods
  • Star Wars cinema evening in the ancient woodlands Sat 3rd June #swillingtonfarm #woodlandcinema #RogueOne…
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: See #StarWars Rogue One at a Woodland Outdoor Cinema in #Leeds next week…
  • RT @TnhpsFs: #holidayfun @greenmoonpaul #outdoorcinema
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: Every day is #OutdoorClassroomDay with @greenmoonpaul forest school, we also open up for school farm visits too. https…
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: First 🐓 do in the woods Saturday. Thanks to our awesome guests, to @YorksGourmet for a sublime #organic cassoulet and…
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: Naturally, @YorksGourmet and @greenmoonpaul's Fire & Dine is up there. Definitely worth having a read if you're stuck…
  • RT @Black_Inc_: Come on young people don't let them steal your future like they did in the Brexit vote. Register to vote #forthemany today.…
  • Amazing den dressing. The kids showing the adults how its done ;)
  • Its all gone Glasto in the woods today #woodlandweddings #electricforest…
  • Great end to a day in the forest
  • @RiversMeetCraft @YorksGourmet @swillingtonfarm Im your man for booking :)
  • Check out this incredible floating event space. #woodlandlounge #wellbeing #forestfun #woodlandwedding
  • Straight to the point (did I spell straight correctly?....who cares)
  • @stanleycap outside office hours is good. Most nights next week we will be building
  • @stanleycap absolutely sir. Give me the possibles and I will work with them. #gentleman
  • RT @swillingtonfarm: Experience the 'Awe' of the Ancient Woodlands at @swillingtonfarm. Come down next month and see for yourself: https://…
  • @stanleycap I do indeed. I am looking at building a path and need some handy Andys if they're out there