Sports Massage 1 Hour £40
Relaxation massage from £40
Pregnancy Massage £40
Back and Neck relax 1/2 massage £25
Half Hour Flush Massage £25
Kinesiology sports taping £15
Face massage by feet
Five Treatments for £175 in Mumbles


Stanley Street

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  • Good luck to all taking part in the the Swansea Half Marathon tomorrow book a post event #sportsmassage @
  • Oh holiday on #Gower enjoying beach life but lying on the sand makes your back ache, pop in get a relieving massage
  • Getting the hang of #performancepooetry recording for a local online poetry programme, bit better than my first att…
  • @brumradio_books @Philip_Ellis thank you!
  • @brumradio_books @Philip_Ellis would it not be helpful to post the time of the interview ? looking forward to heari…
  • @Philip_Ellis @brumradio_books i missed it, can I listen again? please post a link if I can
  • RT @GetYrselfActive: We know one of the biggest barriers to disabled people getting active is a lack of info on where to find activities ht…
  • @brumradio_books I shall listen in , thank you . If he visits UK send him to me for a massage! he has earned it for…
  • @brumradio_books Get me a square watermelon...I am loving it, challenging and funny..I am listen to The Sellout rea…
  • Take a look at this awesome product I've just bought from @flareaudio Can't wait!
  • @WorkLabinsights Oh got it now, I have red ones!!
  • RT @FindlayEquality: Meet the brilliant @enjoyfeet, the UK's only qualified sports massage therapist based in Wales who uses her feet.
  • @SimoneIllger @DrMichaelMosley 🍕Enough to keep me awake for that meeting
  • RT @GMFHx: From our blog -- "New study in mice shows gut microbes are a driver of age-associated inflammation":
  • Which Body Part You Think Should Be Used As A Artistic Subject? guess my vote!
  • Blessed by the heavens, the sea turns gold #fullmoon over #Caswellbay
  • Get your #feet ready for the summer with detailed how to pedicure from a top #pedicure therapist on this #howto DVD
  • #sportsmassage and #massage in #mumbles appointments available this week but closed on Friday as I am of to #RHSMalvern
  • Looking forward to coxing @mumblesrowing the ladies team tonight , first time on the water for me this year. Boat steered #byfeet
  • Why taking Ibuprofen for #backpain is not the answer Massage, a kinder way to relieve #lbs than drug therapy
  • RT @function2fitnes: Great Rehab Options for the shoulder, clip taken from video by @JeremyLewisPT…
  • @SuperheroTri @GetYrselfActive not sure, work is so busy at the moment, training may be too much to fit in..will decided beginning of June!
  • just contributed to the #getyourselfactive blog @GetYrselfActive with a big up for the @SuperheroTri events
  • RT @GetYrselfActive: NEW BLOG: "Exercise can prevent and often reverse some of the effects of the constant wear and tear on my body." https…
  • Final preparations for the #LondonMarathon don't forget to book your pre event #sportsmassage for optimum soft tissue health in performance