NEW MEMBERS - Please contact Widget's Farm first to arrange an initial induction session to the site (07900 403126)

EXISTING MEMBERS - How to use the booking widget...

Field hire sessions can be booked up to ten days in advance and come under two categories: weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or weekdays (Monday to Friday). The slots all cost £10 however weekend slots are not covered by the cheaper multi-booking deals. This is because we have a number of classes and courses at the weekend so can't guarantee enough slots throughout each month.

The multi-booking deals come in a group of five sessions, are non-refundable and are valid for 30 days from purchase. You will need to be a registered user to take advantage of the prepay packages.

To use a prepay deal, please buy it first and then checkout fully. Once you've done this, when you next login as a "registered user", any new weekday field hire sessions you choose will give you the option to "use your prepaid booking" - they will then automatically come out of your allocation.

Weekend sessions are not covered by the package deals so will be charged at £10 whether you have a deal or not. And if you don't wish to buy a prepay deal, then you can simply choose your preferred timed slot and click on "50 minutes".

If you are a brand new member, and haven’t been to Widget’s Farm yet, please do get in touch with us first so we can check we are available for your first booking – we do a quick five minute introduction to the site.

Weekend slots in the large "Training Field"
Weekday Field Hire in the large "Training Field"
"The Paddock"
5 Weekday Deal in the Training Field (5 sessions and to be used within one month)
**NEW** Training Field Deal - Five slots for the price of four (1 year expiry)
**NEW** The Paddock Field Deal - Six slots for he price of five (1 year expiry)

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